This Raksha Bandhan flaunt Your Ethnic Look To The Next Level

This Raksha Bandhan flaunt Your Ethnic Look To The Next Level

The word Raksha Bandhan means `the bond of brotherhood”. The celebration of Raksha Bandhan is observed on the birthday of Lord Rama. The festival glorifies the bond between brothers & sisters. On this occasion, the sisters tie a thread around their brothers' wrists and the brother promises to protect their sisters. Also, to make the event special they exchange gifts and sweets.

Like the other festivals in India, in Raksha Bandhan, both men and women celebrate the occasion by dressing in colorful ethnic attire. However, men find it very difficult to style their ethnic wear, especially the kurta.

Tesmare understands that and that's why this session has bought a new range of men's kurtas that is comfortable yet elegant and stylish. But before you purchase any, read out our styling tips to stay out of the crowd without compromising your comfort zone - keeping in mind that ethnic wear trends are on trends.

How to Style Men Kurta For Raksha Bandhan?

You don’t need to be a stylist or a fashionista to dress up in the best clothes for any occasion. Rather, all you need is the willingness to look your best with just a little bit of effort and some creativity. The process of dressing up and creating an outfit that suits you perfectly isn’t as much about your size or budget as it is about your imagination and willingness to experiment. You can be dressed from head to toe and still come out looking like a ragamuffin if you choose the wrong clothes. Kurta has been an essential item in men's fashion for many decades now, not only because it gives a clean-cut appearance but also because it allows for versatility when combined with different accessories such as jackets, cuffs, caps, and belts, etc. So if you too want to wear a kurta on this auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan, read on to know how..

Select Right Kurta

Men’s kurta styles are no anymore limited to a few products only. At Tesmare you’ll find a wide range of kurta in different styles and patterns with trendy colours. However, every kurta doesn’t suit everyone. Before selecting any kurta make sure you check out these things,


The colour of a man’s kurta should match his personality. If he is outgoing and friendly, then he should wear bright colours. On the other hand, if he is shy and reserved, then he should choose muted colours.


Kurtas are made out of cotton, silk, linen, chiffon, etc. Cotton is the best fabric to use because it is breathable and comfortable. Silk is good for formal occasions, while linen is great for casual outings. Chiffon is ideal for special events. But cotton kurtas with light work can change the game.


A kurta should cover the waistline and go down to the ankles. If you want to look smart and stylish, then make sure that the length of your kurta matches your height. Generally, kurtas come in long kurtas or short kurtas. For Raksha Bandhan, short kurtas can be the best choice.


Sleeves are optional. You can either leave them open or buttoned up. However, if you are going to wear a kurta for work, then you should button up the sleeves which turn in 360 degrees when you attend a casual festival.


You can choose any pattern that matches your taste. There are many patterns to choose from, including plain, floral, paisley, geometric, embroidery and tribal prints. For this festival, an embroidered kurta will suit any personality.

Select Right Footwear

The best footwear should be comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. If you have to walk long distances, then choose a pair of loafers. Or if you want to catch the attention of your shoe style your kurta with leather sandals. If you are someone who prefers comfort Jutti or Kolhapuri Chappals can be your best mate.

Match It With Perfect Bottom wear

Kurtas are the best option for casual wear. You can pair them with jeans, trousers, pyjama or churidar. If you are selecting a short kurta style it with faded denim with leather boots. Also, you can wear a kurta with dhoti pyjama. Keep the kurta short enough to show off the dhoti pyjama underneath.

Add Eloquent Jewelleries

Jewellery is a great way to accessorize a kurta. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches are some of the most commonly used jewellery pieces. You can style a man's jewellery in many ways. First, you need to choose the right size of the jewellery. Next, you need to make sure that the jewellery fits properly. Finally, you need to match the colours of the jewellery with the colours of the kurta.

What should I keep in mind while styling men's kurtas?

You need to pay attention to the length of the kurta. If you have a long torso, then choose a longer kurta. If not, then opt for a shorter one. Also, ensure that the kurta fits well. Make sure that the sleeves cover your wrist completely. Do not forget to match the colour of the kurta with the colour of your pants, shirt, and shoes.

Besides pay attention to the fabric. You should choose the fabric carefully. If you want to look smart, then you should go for silk kurtas. Silk is soft and smooth. It gives a classy look. On the other hand, Cotton designer kurta for men is good for summer festivals like Raksha Bandhan. Cotton is light and comfortable.

To add this, when you buy a kurta look for its sleeves. You’ll get multiple options to buy full sleeve kurtas for men or half sleeve kurtas. Choose them according to your comfort and choice. However, for festivals, full sleeve kurtas are the best option whereas short sleeve kurta for men is good for daily use.

For Raksha Bandhan, buying a cotton kurta design for men (long/short) from Tesmare would be your prudent decision. At Tesmare you will get an endless collection of cotton kurtas. It is a great way to add some color to your ethnic collection.

Men’s kurta is a timeless wardrobe staple. How would you describe your style? Are you into minimalism or maximalism? If you are looking for something unique, then you should definitely buy the latest men's kurta Online at Tesmare. Their collection of stylish men's kurtas has something for everyone. From casual to formal wear, those kurtas are sure to add a dash of style to your wardrobe.

Kurtas are a type of clothing that has become very popular over the years. They are perfect for every occasion and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. These shirts are typically loose-fitting and come in various styles. Kurtas are versatile and can be styled with other clothing items such as jackets and blazers. If you want to add some style to your outfit, match your kurta with a pair of cool shoes.


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