They are breezy and lightweight enough to wear for traditional evenings or informal occasions. Even though the men's Kurta originated in India, it is now respected all over the world. Now, important events and gatherings still call for the wearing of kurta pyjamas to give it traditional vibes. Did you see - how did Nick Jonas style kurta?

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In this blog, we have mentioned some common tips to wear kurta pyjamas on various occasions and showcase your traditional collection to stand out. In the fashion industry, everyone wants to be the centre of the camera. Don't you?

Let's deep dive into this blog to explore — how can you style your kurta pyjama to attract the media & gossip

How To Style Kurta Pyjamas For Different Occasions

  • Functions of Engagement - The Most Confusing One
  • Kurtas with the right size and fit can add charm to your look. The kurta's thread or zari work will give a long-lasting impression and people won’t stop talking about your exquisite clothing collection. If you want to give it an extra spice of tradition, you can improve the appearance by wearing it with a dupatta; if not, muted hues can be a wonderful alternative. Also, cotton designer kurtas for men are good for casual daytime occasions in summer. 

  • Various festivals - A One Time Collection
  • Holi, Diwali, and Navratri are celebrations that call for flashy yet classic kurtas. It will be a good idea to choose a silk kurta to fully separate yourself from your peers. Bright colours and simple embroidery are the characteristics of a festive kurta. For daytime occasions like the Holi festival or pujas, yellow, light blue or your favourite light coloured kurta with embroidery or pattern can bring compliments for you. A darker colour kurta would make you look fashionable & classy for evening gatherings like Diwali and Navratri. To complete the look, wear a bottom that matches your kurta. If you are not comfortable with pyjamas, we offer other fashion options, including churidar, dhoti, and salwar. Let's buy kurtas online and find the best design kurta with pyjamas.

  • Wedding - Are You More Fashionable Than Your Bride?
  • We dress to impress, don't we? Whether you are attending a wedding or getting married, make sure to pick a bridal kurta that is ostentatious and embellished with a ton of beads with silk embroidery or woven with zari work. The style will be completed by combining it with a dupatta, churidar bottom, and other wedding accessories. A dark-coloured kurta, like in black, green, blue, or maroon, is the best choice while attending a wedding. If you are a lover of kurtas with collars,  you can wear a matching Nehru jacket with your kurta if it lacks a collar.

  • Parties - To make You Stand Out
  • When you receive an invitation to a celebration, such as a baby shower, bachelor party, or marriage anniversary, you might assume that you should forego wearing traditional attire, but this is not at all essential. To keep it casual yet stylish, you may opt for a short kurta or a  short sleeve kurta for men. You may make your attire stand out from the crowd without being garish by selecting unique colours like pink, green, blue, or beige.

  • Casual Occasions - The Most Common One
  • There is also a kurta type of casual attire for men. These are made of thin fabric with flowers or other patterns stitched or printed on them. Though it's not necessary to always dress in light attire. Using jeans and a plain light-coloured silk kurta, you can turn the camera.

    What Do You Need To Remember Before Purchasing Kurtas?

  • Understand Design And Embroidery
  • For weddings, an embroidered kurta is a great option. One must, however, take into account whether the design or print on the attire is suitable for them. Sometimes we wind up buying an outfit that is not appropriate for our body shape or personal style to stay contemporary with fashion. It is best to first decide if the work on the kurta is appropriate for you to avoid the aforementioned. A casual occasion doesn't call for overdressing, either! Before making an attire choice, think about the occasion. If you attend more casual occasions,  buy pure cotton kurtas because they are known for their longevity & comfort on the skin

  • Length Of The Kurtas
  • Kurtas can be worn in a variety of settings. The length of the kurta also affects how the ensemble looks as a whole. Due to their resemblance to shirts, short kurtas are frequently referred to as "informal kurtas." Short kurtas are great for both everyday wear and formal occasions. Given that these occasions call for formal attire, long kurtas are frequently worn for weddings and festivals. Make sure you are aware of the length of the kurta before choosing it. Short kurtas can be worn with jeans for a more fashionable look, while long kurtas look great with churidars & pyjamas.

  • Choosing The Right Colour
  • In both Indian and Western clothing, colours have a significant impact. These days, men are also experimenting with colour, and pastels are the in-thing. If you're unsure of your ability to generate an attractive impression, stick with the colours you are most comfortable using. Wearing a particular coloured dress shouldn't make you feel self-conscious & unconfident. The best option is neutral tones if you're unsure about what hue to use.

    Some Latest Kurta Pyjamas Styles For Men

    Most men nowadays strive to be the best selves in their personal and professional lives, and clothing is a factor that greatly influences someone's personality. A man can be judged by how he presents himself. The majority of guys find one or two looks that fit them well, but they tend to wear those same ensembles over and over again. To experiment with your look, designer cotton kurta for men is also in demand on various occasions. 

    Here we have mentioned how you can add some whole new styles to your wardrobe collection without putting in a lot of effort. 

  • Dhoti Style Kurta Pyjamas
  • This look of a kurta-pyjama over a dhoti will always be in vogue. The holiday and wedding seasons saw a spike in popularity for this ideal couple. Even while basic linen kurta and pyjamas might be the most comfortable nightwear, more luxurious fabrics can elevate this set to entirely new levels and make you stand out at your next family gathering. Over the years, the fashion industry has modernised this ancient Indian attire, and they never stop surprising us with even fresher, funkier styles. Therefore, when purchasing a dhoti-style kurta pyjama set, consideration should be given to the fabric, colour, and accessories. If you take your time while choosing the attire, making preparations for a marriage ceremony won't take more than a few minutes. With this straightforward and hassle-free outfit, you won't have to worry about your appearance and can go out in a matter of minutes. During the festival season, a dhoti kurta is a great option for males.

  • Kurta Pyjamas For Traditional Occasions
  • Even though some people still believe that there aren't many clothing options for men, they might be mistaken. A kurta pyjama can look fantastic on all other occasions, despite not being the best option for a wedding. At special events like mehndi and sangeet, for instance, you can match the colour with your partner’s and look stunning. Kurtas come in a wide range of colours and can be purchased or custom-stitched. They go well with both regular jeans and light-coloured pyjamas. You'll look fantastic in a casual and cool kurta, and your wedding photos will also look incredible. Thus, if it's a formal day at work you don’t need to go for a blazer, you can dress in your kurta with chinos or jeans, or show off your new kurta pyjamas with a jacket.

  • Best Clothing Set For Men In A Wedding
  • Indian men's wedding attire includes royal sherwani, achkan, kurta pyjamas, and exquisite wedding suits. For every type of wedding or party, you can purchase different ethnic men's apparel in a range of sizes. On this important day in their lives, men and women want to feel more confident wearing designer attire and accessories. You can find the most stylish clothing website online. You can choose your wedding dress based on your tastes and fashion. Let's look at some of the most stunning ethnic wedding dresses, which give off a modern and stylish appearance without forgoing traditional design. For wedding purposes, you can buy designer long kurta for men for these functions. 

    Wrapping Up

    That’s why kurta pyjamas are a comfortable option for any occasion. Two pieces of clothing make up the kurta pyjama ensemble. It is thought to be a staple piece of clothing for Indian guys. Kurta is a long or sometimes short, flowy shirt that extends to the knees or above the knees that are styled with a loose-fitting bottom of the pyjama tied at the waist with the use of drawstrings or trendy light colour jeans. 

    We tesmare, are committed to enriching your wardrobe with our latest apparel, that not only keeps you fashionable but also comfortable. 

    This outfit, which consists of a kurta and pyjamas, can be worn casually even though it is typically reserved for formal occasions. During holidays like Holi, Diwali, and other celebrations, people not only in India but also in foreign adore wearing it. Due to the comfort it provides, many Indian men are obsessed with wearing it when they sleep. 

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